moose-steak-marinadeLet those who fear the Lord say:  “His love endures forever.” Psalm 118:3 NIV

My friend, Lisa, is a great cook. One of her favorite meals to serve is steak for the international men’s gathering over Christmas. Well, maybe it’s not her favorite, but all of the guys enjoy the delicious steak that is served. When asked her secret, she tells us that she starts with a very good cut of meat and then let’s it marinate for a very long time. The meat not only melts in your mouth, but it explodes forth with flavor. It’s really just that good!

When growing up in church, hymns were the main choice of song selection. We sang first, second and last verses for most of the songs. Many of these songs were written from very personal life struggles and joys in which the power of the message is communicated again and again.

Then worship choruses filtered into the worship setting. Usually it consisted of fewer words and the chorus was sung repeatedly like a record stuck at a scratch. It was common to hear an older person say, “I like the new songs, but why do we have to sing them over and over?”  

Repetition is a great way to learn. Repeating biblical truths is transforming. In the Psalm today, this is the fourth time in three verses in which the line is repeated that “His love endures forever.” This Psalm was a joyful song of invitation for all to sing. and it included repetition. 

Marinate in songs of biblical truths

  • Singing biblical truths allows your ears to hear and faith to grow. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. When songs align with biblical truths your faith gets emboldened. 
  • Engaging in singing penetrates through your mind, but settles in your spirit. Peace, hope, and love are regular feelings that people have during worship times. It’s the music, it’s the words, it’s the repetition that works its way to the point of our need.
  • Repetition allows the truth to marinate to every place of need. “His love endures forever” opens questions like these, “What is God’s love like that is different than the way we love? Am I a recipient of His love? How should I respond to God knowing that He loves me? What does enduring love look like in the context of my ups and downs? Will it really endure so that it is a bedrock promise in my life? Since God is not wishy washy with His commitment to love me, how does that impact my understanding of my actions in view of the knowledge that I am loved?
  • Repetition becomes a tool for the Holy Spirit to use in His timing. On multiple occasions, the calling forth of a song or a portion of a song has helped me redirect my thoughts to the truths of God. It allows me the mental space to reconnect with a conversation with God.
  • Repeating Biblical truths creates a solid path for your next step. Since your life follows your words that you speak, singing biblical truths shed light on your next steps. Themes of God’s faithfulness, His forgiveness, and His abiding presence can be very helpful guides to help you along your way.

Jerrell Bowden led worship for our church for many years. At times I would add an impromptu song at the end of a worship set in which God was very present. Jerrell would smile because he knew what was coming. I had repeated it often. “Oh, how I love Jesus, because He first loved me.” I am thankful I have marinated on that truth for a lifetime.

May you enjoy, engage and be transformed in your worship times.

Blessings Love y’all.