After seeing him, the shepherds told everyone what had happened and what the angel had said to them about this child. All who heard the shepherds’ story were astonished, Luke 2:17-18 NIV

Advent Chronicles – The Shepherds were in the field last night when and Angel appeared and told them the messiah was born and they could find him snuggled, wrapped, and lying in a manger. A host of Angels joined in declaring God’s disposition of  peace and favor through the birth of the messiah. What may have been their discussion the next night?

Levi – Last night was incredible. It is so funny to remember how afraid each of you were when the angels showed up in the sky. Others reply in unison, “You too!”

Salmon – the funniest part for me was when Ram was adding his version of the story for Mary and Joseph. He tried to sound like the Angels by changing his voice. It got even better when he tried to sing “Gloooorrrrriiiiiiaaaaaaahhhhhh”. Mary had to tell him to not sing so loud because he would disturb the baby. That is so funny, Ram trying to sound like an Angel. Ram’s response, “I thought I nailed it.”

Asa – The most interesting thing to me was the peace that settled over everything. Did you notice how the sheep paid attention. Even my little one that is scared of his own shadow, just snuggled up to his mom and lay motionless. I felt a warmth in my chest that I don’t have words to describe it. The closest experience would be when I held my son for the first time and he opened his eyes. His gaze seemed to go straight to my heart as if to say, “i love you too”. Others chuckle together, “If we have a sentimental one among us, it would be you Asa.”

Ram – I know you may make fun of me for my Angel impersonation, but my wife was impressed. She also believed me, I mean really! She was not like the teachers of the Torah that I met in the market early this morning. They told me. “Angels only appear to important people. Nothing in Torah tells of Angels announcing the Messiah. If the Truth comes, he will show himself first to the Pharisees. Simeon has been waiting for the coming Messiah and he has not mentioned his coming.” Ram continues. I know that I can’t read very well, but I know what we experienced last night. They can’t explain away what I witnessed with my own eyes and ears. They can’t change the way my heart felt when we saw the baby Jesus in the manger, just as the Angel had described.

Levi – How many people did y’all tell since last night? How many believed you? Do you think we will ever see Angels again? What will happen to this little baby? I hope our kids will grow up to know Him, when He reveals Himself as messiah. I hope I live long enough to see what He will be like. May Yahweh bless Joseph and Mary as He already has.

Salmon – Hey, why don’t we give them one of our sheep? Even better, let’s give them two. Let’s give them the one that we were going to give for the daily sacrifice. He is perfect and spotless. Joseph will know what to do with him. And then we can give the little one that was just weaned from his mother to the baby as a pet. I will even give some of my earnings so they have money to take care of them. Others respond, “take some of our money too, that is a most wonderful idea.” Salmon continues, perhaps Mary and Joseph will remember that we, the Shepherds, were the first to see and tell the story of her baby. Ram interrupted, “It was the Angels who first made the announcement, remember, “Gloooorrrrrriiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaahhh”.

The shepherds told their story to all who would listen, and the people were amazed. Make the most of your own story telling of the Messiah. May His peace and favor rest upon you.

Blessings Love y’all