IMG_8460Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are fewMatthew 9:37 NIV

Passion for the Lost Part 3 (B)

Yesterday, we were searching for answers to help us identify when a person is showing signs of conviction leading to becoming a follower of Jesus. I want to share a story that occured about an hour after posting that blog.

As I was driving my school bus to pick up my first elementary student, I was reflecting on the question of determining a ripe harvest of lost souls. The first student I pick up is also the last student that I drop off from school. So, we have an opportunity to discuss lots of life stuff. I’ll italicize the conversation for Sam…not his real name.

Sam gets on the bus. “I went to a funeral a couple of days ago.”

“Who died?”

“It was my Aunt.”

“Were you close to her?”

“Yes, We lived near her at our old house. Sometimes, I would have to go over there after school. She always made me give her a hug.”

“That must have been nice. Was she sick?”

“She went into the hospital because of a heart problem.  She had to keep going back. One day her heart just quit working.”

I normally pick up several kids in just a few minutes…however, they did not ride today. In fact, several children were oddly absent, which provided for a prolonged uninterrupted dialogue.

Sam was very contemplative after thinking about how his aunt died.  Then he said, “I think I would like to go to YOUR funeral.”

Stunned! Does he think that I am going to die soon? Am I going to die soon? Why would he ask such a question? Realizing the purity of his question, I responded, “Hopefully I will not die for quite a long time, but yes, I would love for you to come to my funeral.”

Sam was satisfied with that answer, “Some people say life is short, what do you think?”

“In regards to eternity it is very short. Heaven is where you want to be”

Sam replied, “Not everybody is going there.”

“Sam, why do you think some people go to heaven and others do not?”

Silence…”I guess it has to do with being good.” “Pastor Greg, I am not the worst kid on the bus. What number would you give me about how bad I am?”

DEATH, awakens questions about life and what happens next. People want to know if God will still love them with all of the mistakes that they make.  They want to know “Will God overlook those mistakes for ME?”  He does NOT. Every sinful action requires a punishment. The good news always leads to Jesus who took our punishment for us.

Ask God to help you discern when a person is grieving and when they are engaging God about eternal life. This is some of the most fertile time for a person to make a decisions for Christ. 

Blessings Love y’all