Devotional from The Word for You Today, May 9th, 2021

And he (Jesus) went down with them and came to Nazareth and was submissive to them. And his mother treasured up all these things in her heart. Luke 2:51 ESV

We coordinate with a ministry inside Pakistan called Walk In Victory. Yesterday over What’s App we held our weekly Holy bible Class in which I give a short devotional and pray for the people. However, yesterday they had two songs that they sang in Urdu to honor Pam as a wonderful mother. They affectionately refer to us as Papa and Mom. I was driving to Florida to be with our mother’s and was unable to capture the experience on camera.

We often wonder what it was like to be the mother of Jesus? She was most likely a teenager of 12-15 when she became pregnant. In this passage she would have been 24 – 27 as Jesus was 12 years old when they went to the temple and got left behind. Oops, she wasn’t the last person to somehow miss a child and leave them at church.

One way that all mothers are like Mary is captured in the phrase “treasured all these things in her heart”.  The greek word for treasure is a compound word of dia and tereo in this sentence dieterei. The word dia means to pass all the way through from one side to the other such as in diameter. The word tereo means to keep, preserve, watch over a matter. Translators choose the word treasure to capture the essence of guarding the information, the important events of our lives, from beginning to end.

Mothers, you are precious partially because of the “information” about our lives that you keep stored in your heart.

Treasures That Mom Keeps

You were the first to feel me encounter this world
You understood my cry for food and when I just needed comfort
You were moved with compassion when I was unable to tell you what hurt or why I was sick
You taught me how to clothe myself, tie my shoes and fix my hair
You repeated instructions of the do and don’t more times than you care to remember, but they stuck
Your smile was present at all of the important events of my life
You cried when I disobeyed or disappointed you.
You laughed with me and sometimes at me because of my cuteness
You saw my potential and kept pointing me in the right direction
You wonder if I really know that you love me? Always! 
Wherever I am in this world, whatever tasks that I am attempting to do, whenever our closeness seems distant, KNOW that your love has made a permanent imprint on my heart.

To my wife, mom and mother-in-love, and all the wonderful moms that have impacted my life, May GOD BLESS you in a big way today.

Blessings  Love y’all