oragamiThe unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. Psalms 119:130 NIV

This is such an encouraging verse. The word unfolding is used only once in the Hebrew Bible and it means to open or unfold. Think of it as a package that is wrapped in layers. But you are not trying to just get to the center, every layer has something important and precious to you. You may pause and give thanks for what you have received, and then Holy Spirit smiles and reminds you, “there is more for you, keep digging.”

Secondly, the verse tells us who qualifies to be the recipient of the unfolding…the simple.  God’s word is open to anyone. You only need to approach the Bible as “one longing to learn”. The promise says you will get understanding.

Finally, my heart tells me that we are in need of light. We have a strong desire for knowledge that leads us to make mistakes. We want to know things like God…but without Him, which leads to our own hurt. Light for our path is connected to His word. If you are needing answers for direction, jobs, your future, relationships, overcoming failures, the light of understanding is found in God’s word. Keep unfolding.  

Blessings, Love Y’all