“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. Matthew 6:34 NLT

On the bus I drive, we have a no eating policy in place while on the bus. The teachers give snacks to the kids as incentives for doing well in class. So, I have to monitor enforcing this rule while driving home. Inevitably there is one kid who stands up in his seat or stands in the isle pointing at another kid and yelling at me, “he’s eating gummy bears, or chips!” That child never realizes that he is violating a far more important safety rule by not remaining seated properly than the other child is by violating the no food rule.

Worrying about tomorrow, being anxious about what might happen, or being fearful of potential doom and gloom, can easily distract from the obediences of right choices today. Some of those right choices will prepare you for the events of tomorrow…i.e. I go to work today, so that you will have money for the bills and food for tomorrow.

Jesus had finished teaching about our heavenly Father knowing our needs now and for tomorrow. We should trust and follow His love and care for our lives for this day and whatever may come our way tomorrow.

What rhythms do you have in place for following God in the “today”?

  • What activity do you have in place that involves connecting with God?
    • How soon in your day do you begin talking with God?
  • When and where do you spend time reading God’s love letter (the Bible)?
    • He has messages for you every day…bread from heaven.
  • Do you know how to unload the baggage from yesterday?
    • Receiving forgiveness for sinful actions in your past?
    • Granting forgiveness for others who hurt or offended you?
  • Can you identify what mercies of the Lord are new every morning for you?
    • Concentrating on God’s mercies leads to a heart of gratefulness. A thankful heart navigates life’s difficulties with joy in believing that God is always on the scene.
  • Have you asked God for his perspective or analysis of how you are to respond about the potential problem for tomorrow?
    • If death is truly upon us tomorrow, how would that change the events or activities of what you are doing to today? 
    • Knowing that death is certain for all of us…how does that impact our sober mindedness of being about our Father’s business today?

On this Fear Not Friday, may you receive peace that God gives for you now, today. Continue to receive peace like putting peanut butter on a piece of bread. Just keep adding more to cover those places that didn’t get enough. Peace to your mind and your heart. 

God the Father neither sleeps nor slumbers. He is ready for whatever may come your way. He is present with you right now. Breathe and receive His peace.

Blessings Love y’all