energizer bunnyHe (God) gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Isaiah 40:29. NIV

On October 20th, 1988 the world was introduced to a pink bunny with drums. In this commercial he got his power from Energizer batteries. He remained strong and outlasted all of the other battery toys. Later the voice overs of the commercials coined the phrase, “he keeps going and going and going.”

The reality for all people is that we grow tired, fragile and weary. Even rest does not guarantee that we get our “batteries” recharged. Human limitations are frustrating. How much money is made by the advertising of the new and latest supplements that are going to create “limitless” opportunities for you in your thinking and your physical abilities. Perhaps you are tired, weary and feeling worn out.

Over the years I have accumulated a whole box of electronic chargers. Recently, I went rummaging through the pile to find one that would work for a small device. I was unsuccessful. With all of those cords, not one would connect to my device.

So it is with being recharged from God’s power supply.  Most of us will try everything to recharge our lives, except God’s way. We can grow tired just from trying the many options that were not designed to give lasting life. Perhaps you can relate to a few of these ideas that we chase after that ends in emptiness.

Relationships. We have an insatiable desire to be loved and to love. We place too much expectation on another person to feel the void that is in our heart. Women are especially vulnerable to giving themselves to men, who do not return the love. Relationships are important. God said it was not good for man to be alone. Don’t compromise your values just to get into another relationship. Husbands and wives – that other person you are talking to is NOT your answer.

Possession of things. Wrongly, we think that our happiness will be found by possessing – just one more thing. One more dollar, one more tool, one more item for the home, one more piece of clothing, one more friendship, one more or newer car or one more electronic gadget. All of these things will not have the stamina to produce lasting happiness.

More tomorrow and how to “connect” to God’s power supply.

Blessings Love y’all