sitting on a rockOf David. To you, LORD, I call; you are my Rock, do not turn a deaf ear to me. For if you remain silent, I will be like those who go down to the pit. Psalms 28:1 NIV

In your day of trouble, oh the irony that you call Me your Rock and then worry about My ability to speak. A Rock is a sure foundation, a place of refuge and a backstop. I am that place for you to run and hide. I am a settled place for you to find the rest that you need. I am immovable in your world of shifting sand. When you call to Me your Rock, I will respond.

Joshua heard Me speak and grabbed a large rock as a witness for the account. It heard what I had spoken and the response that the entire nation of Israel made on that day. It was a reminder of the choice they made to be faithful to Me. The rock was set in a physical space which they could return to time and again to remind them of their commitment to follow Me. Do you remember the first time that you landed on My safe foundation and the cries of brokenness and promises made to Me? I remember.

You say you want to hear My voice? My Son became the stone that was rejected when He declared that He and I are one. That Stone became the chief cornerstone of all the work that I am building. Every other stone must first align itself with Jesus the cornerstone. He is the foundation rock and the standard that does not change. All who want to follow Me, must come to My Son, the Rock of Salvation.

My Son  declared that if the people were to become silent in their praise, the rocks would begin to cry out. All creation is groaning under the curse of sin, awaiting for the opportunity to shout their praise freely to Me. Let the trees of the field clap their hands and let the mountains break forth into song. Creation has a voice. Let your praise rise freely and often to Me.

With My children, I will not remain silent. As My sheep, you will hear My voice and follow Me. I understand the frustration of My stillness. Lean into My direction. Like fog that slowly lifts you will see that I have guided you along safe paths through your time of trouble.

Even in quietness I am still here. Lean into My direction and listen. My Spirit will declare the truth of the moment. I have been listening to your voice and I am aware of your need. By My Spirit, I speak. Though My voice be but a whisper, listen for I am speaking to you My child.

Whispers from Your Father, God