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Then Jesus said, “Were not ten cleansed? Where are the other nine? Luke 17:17 NIV

Jesus is traveling to Jerusalem when 10 people with leprosy saw Him pass by. Because of their hideous infectious skin disease, they were not allowed to come in close contact with the crowd. So they stood at a distance and cried out for Jesus to have mercy on them. He spoke healing to them and told them to go to the priest as required by the Mosaic Law for confirmation of their cleansing. One man returned to give thanks to Jesus for His mercy. Jesus questioned, “where are the other nine?”

I don’t know if the 90 – 10 rule applies across the board for those who are truly thankful for their blessings, but I at least think that we should work to find ourselves in the 10 percent. Christians, above all, should be people that verbalize and physically express our thankfulness.

Where were the other nine? They were enjoying the blessings that Jesus had provided. Let that sink in for a moment. How much are you taking for granted as you walk through this life? We are such a blessed people. Take a moment to examine all  the majesty of this world that your five senses absorb. Just observe the wonders today of smell, sight, sound, and touch. We have a great country. We have salvation.

The one leper who came back expressed one specific type of thankfulness, he remembered the one who gave the blessing. Who would you include in that topic and for what reasons? This is not only referring to Jesus and salvation. Who took the time to invest in you, so that today you are living in blessing? 

Parents, teachers, a pastor, a Sunday School teacher, a sibling, a mentor at work, a discipleship leader, a counselor, a close friend, a spouse, your children are all possible candidates of those who imparted life to you at some very needy moments. If they are still alive, take a moment to send them a letter or email expressing your thanks. If they have passed on, share with someone about the impact they made in your life. It shows great honor to verbalize appreciation of the positive role someone had in your life. Remember, a cheerful heart, which includes a thankful heart,  is good medicine.

Happy Thanksgiving

Blessings, Love y’all