th (55)“Do not come any closer,” God said. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” Exodus 3:5 NIV

This is the first passage in the Bible in which the word “holy” is mentioned. It’s Hebrew pronunciation is “kodesh” meaning hallowed, sacredness or apartness. The act of taking shoes (sandals) off was a common act of respect when entering a temple that is still common in eastern cultures. God demands a change when drawing near to Him.

Moses knew that the first man, Adam, was made out of the dust of the ground. The word “adam” literally means dust or earth. The same word is used to describe the place in which Moses was standing. God told Moses the place in which you stand is “kodesh adamah” or holy earth.

Taking off his shoes eliminated the barrier between his “adam” (earthy body) and “adamah” (dusty ground). Moses’ body would be in direct contact with the ground that was holy. This action was more than just a sign of respect and reverence. A change was occurring in Moses just like when the angel took a coal from the altar and touched Isaiah’s lips to cleanse him (Isaiah 6).

Some thoughts to consider

  • God transforms what He touches into His character. The ground upon which God encountered Moses was transformed to holy ground.
  • Although the pathway to God is open now through Jesus Christ, none of the respect of His holiness has diminished. Fear to approach Him has been removed, but respect and awe has been elevated.
  • We make adjustments to His holiness and demands not the other way around. Moses was called to an obedient action as he drew near. Be listening for changes that God may be asking for you to make as you draw closer to Him. Our salvation is in Christ alone, but the sanctification (another word for holiness) falls in our department. We change, God doesn’t. We don’t try to make God fit into our mold, we adjust to His ways as revealed in the Bible. Be holy as He is holy
  • As you walk upon the earth today, you are a change agent. As a transformed person in Jesus Christ, you have become a holy vessel with the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Bible literally calls you a temple of the Holy Spirit. Everywhere you trod you are carrying God’s holiness into that situation

Take a moment to notice the ground today when you are walking. This piece of earth in which you walk has the potential of being holy ground. Are you living, acting, speaking, thinking in congruence with the honor and respect of the “kodesh” of God in that place? Make any adjustments as needed.

Blessings Love y’all