be-still-know-i-god-christianity-bible-verse-psalm-78059285He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10 NIV

Ssshhh! Come and rest for the quieting of your soul. The demands from the world in which you live have placed heavy burdens upon your shoulders. No matter how much you try to juggle your responsibilities, something seems to always get left unattended. People place a high demand of your time that appears relentless, without a giving you a break. It is time to hush now and become quiet.

Even when you stop for a moment, fear and worry begin shouting in your ear to keep moving or your will fall behind. Enough! I no longer judge My children on the basis of performance, whether you are trying to give the highest output or show up with the worst. I want you to step off the rat race of life and receive nourishment from My love.

My voice is more than soothing sounds, they are life and bring healing to the bones. My words  to you are like a refreshing balm of Gilead. My words are full of energy for the restoration of your soul. Listen. Drink from the living water of eternal life

It is time to be still. Don’t fear the silence or the worries that tell you that you do not have time to stop. I can wait for you to settle down. Desire and seek Me and you will find Me. In the place of quietness, you will know Me. 

In My presence is fullness of joy. I will disclose Myself to you. I help you see how I am moving in every arena of your life. I will be exalted as the nations see that I have always been at work in the affairs of mankind. You also will gain the needed perspective of the way that I am weaving My life into the fabric of yours. I truly want all to come to Me so that they may know Me, just as you know Me in the stillness.

I am with you even now. For those who know how to be still and quiet, My Spirit bears agreement with their spirit of the warmth of intimacy of calling Me father, Daddy. Then I get to respond, “Yes My child, I am listening. May My favor rest upon you today. May you be refreshed.”

Whispers from Your Father God