when-God-is-silent-e1376918478386-1024x616When you did these things, I remained silent. [That] made you think I was like you. I will argue my point with you and lay it all out for you to see. Psalm 50:21 GOD’s Word Translation

The veil is lifted for those who have become My children after becoming a follower of My Son, Jesus. The ability to hear My voice clearer is now. Holy Spirit leads and guides you into all truth. My Son is a shepherd who calls you by name and you follow Him into a full and engaging life.

The ability to hear My voice plainly was not always the case. I appeared to remain silent when you chose to sin and avoid My instructions. You waited to see if there were immediate consequences for your actions. You appeared to fool others and Me by escaping a reckoning for your lying, cheating, stealing, or gossipping. 

Sin accumulates like throwing coins in a bank jar. Every coin adds to the weight that you have to carry with you. This jar never leaves you in which the weight becomes unbearable. You may think I am silent when a coin of sin is thrown into your jar, but I am actually keeping a ledger. Nothing escapes my notice. I count every infraction, even when I know that some coins will alter your life in the most negative way.

For those who accept My Son’s sacrifice on their behalf, He takes the full collection of sin coins and receives My deposit of wrath of death for those who have violated My commands. He atones for my complete ledger against you. Every sin that you felt escaped My notice, He paid the price for it with His death and crucifixion.

My perceived silence is a demonstration of the character of choice. I made you in My image. I let you choose to disobey Me as you are making the choice to ignore My instructions. Later you choose to ask for forgiveness and willingly place your hope and trust in Me.  Then, I choose to forgive you as Jesus’ blood is applied over your life.

I love you, even when you were rejecting Me. Love and silence reflect choice. I bless you with the ability to hear My voice. As a good Father, I will lead you in the right direction. 

Whispers from Your Father, God