We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers.  1 Thessalonians 1:2 NIV

Wednesdays are normally very encouraging days. I physically feel alert, attentive and inspired. I seem to accomplish most task that are on my schedule. I also feel a heightened spiritual sensitivity to the voice of the Spirit and ministry opportunities. In time, I found out that one of my spiritual mentors had taken Wednesdays for he and his wife to lift Pam and I up to God in prayer. Oh the power of being lifted up to God in prayer for our lives.

The Text

  • Paul starts this verse with “We”. Even though he is writing the letter, he is including Silas and Timothy’s input. This is not a symbolic body of Christ “We”, but three individuals that had a vested interest in the growth of the church in that city
  • “Thank God” – The greek word for giving of thanks is “eucharisteó” which is a compound word of “good” and “grace”. You can also see the transliteration of the church “Eucharist” for the Lord’s Supper. When Paul remembers the Thessalonians, he is thankful for the grace that was poured out for their salvation.
  • Continually mention you in prayers” – When these three engaged in prayers, the Thessalonians came to their mind to remember to pray for them. They were faithful to pray for the church as the Lord brought them to mind.

Devotionary Application

  • We” – When you enter into prayers with others, there is power in agreement. Yes, you can and should pray alone at times. But praying with others, for others, has the potential for miracles and wonders. Take the time to learn to pray with others and believe God for faith inspired results.
  • Give Thanks” – Starting prayers with thankfulness is like the smell of good food coming from the kitchen for the meal soon to be served. It creates a longing for the good that comes next. We have to train ourselves to speak prayers of continued thanksgiving. Try to extend the length of time and the depth of content for your thankfulness.
  • “Continually Mentioning in Prayer” – Be consistent in lifting up certain people regularly in your prayer time. Don’t be surprised if you think of someone during your prayer…that is not necessarily a distraction. 
    • This is one of the ways that the Spirit speaks to our hearts. He whispers a name. You can take the bait and see where it leads or you can swim right by it. Some answers to those prayers will only be revealed when we get to heaven.

Who are you remembering in prayer? Who are you engaging in “togethering prayer”? Do you have people that you know, who are praying for you?

Have a Jesus filled and blessed day!