“I will give you peace in the land, and you will be able to sleep with no cause for fear. I will rid the land of wild animals and keep your enemies out of your land. Leviticus 26:6 NLT.

Tangible peace and restful fearless sleep are benefits from living in the blessings of obedience to love and worship God.  Moses recorded this blessed if you obey God and curses if you fail to keep his commandments at least four times in some fashion. Leviticus 26, Deuteronomy 7, 11, and 28. They need only look at the problems the land and the people were experiencing to back track to failed obedience to love and worship God. He always left the door open to forgive when they would repent, and then He would start the restoration process.

Jesus’ life, death and resurrection broke this cycle in regards to our salvation. He took the punishment for ALL of our disobedience in keeping God’s commands and refusing to lovingly obey God. Our blessings today are ultimately found in Jesus. This is the grace that we receive on steroids. None of us deserve to be loved in this fashion. It is by NO works of our own, lest any one should boast.

The question remains, is there still a benefit for obeying God’s plans for a holy life? In regards to salvation, Jesus paid it all. God doesn’t love you more or less because of a holy or unholy lifestyle. But the answer to the question is yes.

So what are the benefits of living holy and staying devoted to God?

Peace and Rest!

The writer of Hebrews states that those who are followers of Jesus have entered into His rest.

Let me offer this illustration. You are travelling inside a car at 70 mph down a highway. You are very comfortable, the car is quiet, dialoguing is easy and there are safety precautions all around you. What would happen if you decided to travel on top of the roof of the car? You would still arrive at your destination, but the riding experience would be way different. Living in God’s plans for life, aligns you with being inside safe travel.

When you follow the Holy Spirit’s leading for life and godliness, you align your life with blessings that God has placed in our world. Whether saved or not, God sends blessings to marriages in which the couple remain faithful to one another. Honoring parents comes with a promise that is true for all. Dishonoring is also a problem for all who engage in it.

One of the verses in Leviticus 26 states that obeying God, leads to peace and rest without fear. 

What are some of the ways to experience rest without fear? 

  • Tell the truth. If you need to confess a lie, a clear conscience is on the other side of confession.
  • Forgiveness. Harboring bitterness and unforgiveness takes a tremendous toil on your own body. Forgive your spouse, forgive your parents, forgive the one who physically or sexually mistreated you. Forgiveness is not a resignation of condoning what happened. It is cancelling a debt that the offended party can never repay you. 
  • Ask the Holy Spirit. The Comforter will show you anything that needs to be addressed.
  • Choose obedience. If you are struggling with a decision, make the choice that aligns with God’s plans for life and godliness. You can’t consistently violate His principles and expect to walk in His favor. This would include the way you spend money, your time, and how you treat one another.
  • Pursue God with love and admiration. At the core of keeping commands and receiving blessing was a tender and loving heart that desired to worship God. A hard heart resisted God and a broken and contrite heart draws near to Him. What activities and rhythms do you have in your life that nurture intimacy with God?

On this Fear Not Friday, may you receive the rest and peace that flows from a life aligned with obedience. Salvation belongs to the Lord and those Jesus purchased. Blessings are available to all who align with His ways.

Blessings Love y’all