A psalm of David. The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, Psalm 23:1-2 NIV

Saturday Story Time is another chapter in the life of David as a young boy tending his sheep. Long before Jimbob and Wally, David was developing the heart of a shepherd.

A Sheep Called Moshes

King David understood the intimacy which exists between a shepherd and his sheep. David was familiar with the diligence needed, the love and affection, the protection required, and the watchful eye for their rest.

Jesus declares plainly that He is our good shepherd. He speaks to us and we, as His followers, have the ability to hear him and follow him to places of rest. He is not like a hired hand who cares on a limited basis. He lays down His life for the sheep.

A few questions to ponder for today

  • Do you know where the places of rest are for your life?
  • How would you describe green pastures and quiet waters for you personally?
  • How often to do visit these places of rest to allow you life to be rejuvenated and restored?
  • Can you disengage from your phone, computer, instagram, TV long enough to identify Jesus’ voice when He is calling?
  • How do you satisfy the longing your eyes have for wanting more and more and resting in the limitation of God supplying all of your need?

One major characteristic of a Shepherd and His sheep is the time they spend together. I encourage to enjoy the moment by moment loving relationship Jesus provides for you through the presence of the Holy Spirit. What ever you are facing at this moment in your life, Jesus already knows about it. He also has a path for you to take. Engage with your shepherd.

Blessings Love y’all