The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever. Isaiah  40:8 NIV  

Pam and I are having a wonderful time enjoying the gulf coast beach with family. Our 1 ½ year old granddaughter with her little round floaty chased the waves on the beach shore again and again splashing with glee. At one point she faced the shore and began digging with her little hands. She made a beautiful finger scratch drawing which only lasted until the next wave crawled its way up over the drawing. Her work was gone in an instant only to be saved in the picture gallery of our minds.

When you think of things that bring lasting values Pam and I were saturated in this philosophy – there are only two things that last, the word of God and the souls of men and women. We were challenged to use that standard to evaluate where we spend our time and money throughout our lives. 

The cares of the world can easily drift us away into a world of busy activity like ants scurrying around creating their little mound of a world. When life gets fast, when the world throws curves without asking our permission, when time slips through our grasps of special moments, falling back on the word of God grants us a firm place to stand.

The Word of God stands forever

  • It’s worth the time to memorize portions of scripture
  • Secure some great truths as anchors for life.
    • God is good Exodus 34:6
    • God forgives Psalms 103:12-13
    • God loves Romans 5:8
  • Sit and read long portions of the Bible. 
    • Read a complete letter of the New Testament books in one sitting – like Philippians

Since the souls of people last forever, having a spiritual conversation about eternity is fitting. Are there some acquaintances that you would love to be with you in heaven? Have you asked them about their eternal destiny? Ask God to create love and compassion that motivates you to engage in eternal conversation.

Blessings Love y’all