Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34

Redirect Your Worry

I don’t have a story to begin today’s blog. Rather, I have an impression that someone is fearful about events in the future. I know I am equating worry and anxiety as being cousins to the meaning of being fearful. I can hear someone justifying themselves by saying, “I’m not fearful, I am a little bit worried.” As if one is more acceptable to carry with you.

Verse 34 is connected with the more memorable verse 33 and a longer section of the preceding verses in Matthew chapter 6. The end of verse 33 states, “and all these things shall be added unto you…therefore.” The primary reason not to worry is we have a Father who has promised to care for our needs. We seek Him and He does the providing.

Still, there is a tendency to think of all of the negative “what if’s” of tomorrow’s problems. Jesus has already said that today’s worrying cannot impact the events of tomorrow. Trust that God has tomorrow’s provision already in place.

Today’s verse helps us understand that worry can be redirected. Events of tomorrow are impacted by our choices of today. To plow a whole field begins with the first row. The focus at that point is where the plow meets the field. Make sure you are doing well, what is right in front of you. Concentrate on making the first row straight so the others can line up as well.

Ask and answer three questions to redirect your thoughts

  1. What does God expect for me to be physically and mentally doing right now? Am I doing it?
  2. What has God spoken about the future event that concerns me right now? Have I connected the event to a promise or word from God?
  3. Have I cast my care upon Father God and trusted Him to take care of it? Can I tell the difference when I am trusting Him and when I have taken the issue back to find an answer for myself?

Okay I know it was more than three questions, the follow up questions were to bring clarity. The main point is to take your focus off of tomorrow’s problem and connect the solution to God’s involvement in your life. He will always be with you no matter how difficult the walk you will have to take tomorrow. He doesn’t promise easy living, but He will be living it with you.

On this Fear Not Friday, practice redirecting your thoughts into a conversation with God.  What is He saying about the issue you are facing? Prayer is more than asking God for an answer. It is a continual dialogue for your ongoing emotions. It is allowing your mind and thoughts to be comforted in His presence.

It is easy to say, “Don’t worry about tomorrow”. Begin a conversation with God and put your hand to the plow today. Your sleep will be comforted.

Blessings Love y’all