May the Lord cause you to flourish  both you and your children.May you be blessed by the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 115:14-15 NIV

Blessing Anticipates Increase

It was truly a blessing last week to join our son and children to celebrate the Grand Opening of the new restaurant in Corinth, MS. The drive-thru line was wrapped around the building and snaked its way around the access road and finally onto the adjoining highway. The new employees and trainers were working hard to fine tune the process of ordering, receiving payment, bagging and delivering the food. The goal was to increase the number of customers (cars) served well in each hour. Each of the three first days had an increase from the first day of around 50 cars per hour to the last day peaking at 100 cars.

God’s blessing anticipates increase. The key is to make sure the connection with God’s order is maintained. King Solomon was offered increase in all types of areas. He chose to ask for wisdom. From God to rule God’s people. God granted his request, AND gave th e increase of money, possessions and fame. God’s wisdom aligned with God’s order and ways of increase.

Conversely, Ananias and Sapphira tried to increase their wealth by lying about how much money they sold for their property. They gave only part of it to the church acting as if they were making a big sacrifice so others would think well of them. Their deceit led to their death.

Some areas of increase and possible alignment

  • Time management – My friend Dr Shelby Sanford said often, that time is the great equalizer, everybody only has 24 hours. Whether you are great or small we can’t increase the amount of time in our day or cut it short.
    • Carve out time to be alone with God each day reading His Word and for prayer. Jesus modeled the practice of spending time with God.
    • Plan your day, follow the Spirit. The Holy Spirit leads  you to be more productive AND throws in the unexpected opportunities to advance God’s kingdom 
    • Include rest and relaxation as part of your time management for the best productivity.
  • Money comes and goes, the challenge is to be a faithful steward. God’s principle of faithfulness with little and entrusted with much applies to money management and other areas as well.
    • Tithing and offering are not legalistic rituals. They reveal the heart’s belief that God owns everything and His promise to take care of you.
    • Cheerful giving is casting seed to bear more fruit
    • Debt and carried balance on credit cards is like inviting locusts to eat your fruit on tomorrow’s tree. Work toward owing no man anything but to love them. 
  • Blessing of hands and the increase of production. When God gave instruction to Adam to work the Garden, He anticipated the joy of working with his hands. 
    • Household chores and order of the home are present every day. God can give wisdom to organize and be effective with running the household.
    • Anticipate new ideas to do things better and more efficiently. Today we are living in homes with electricity, running water and inside bathrooms. Praise and thank God.
  • Where would you like to see increase?
    • Influence, travel, or skills?

Increase with no sorrow in it, will always follow and alignment with God’s principles for holy living. Lying, cheating and stealing are only some of the ways we go off the rails to try to increase our wealth. 

The grace of God is sufficient for those who have blown it, to start anew. When we have messed up or violated God’s ways, He takes us right where we are. He forgives the broken and contrite and begins the process of rebuilding and prospering. It may look different than what we had hoped, but His love and acceptance will grow more and more in our lives.

On this Monday Mantra, may God renew your hope for increase in your life. May you see how God is orchestrating the small things to bring blessing to you. May you rebuke the devourer because you are hiding behind God’s shelter of holy living. May you experience hope of effectiveness in everything your hand touches.

Blessings Love y’all