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Text to my Wife and daughters-in-love. May the Lord make His face to shine upon. Numbers 6:25. When someone is looking eye to eye with you, that person is giving you their full attention. Nothing that occurs in your life today escapes God’s notice. The best part is, He is smiling at you. May you enjoy the warmth of His attention today. Love y’all .  July 29, 2018.

Face to Face

The kids on the bus try to do a stare off. That is when two kids look directly at each other looking eye to eye and waiting for the other person to blink first. Other kids start watching to be the judges of the contest. Some try to look mean, others look mad, and others put on a silly face while staring at each other. It usually ends with giggles and excuses of why “I had to blink”.

God never blinks…ever. He knows what you are facing today that may seem overwhelming. He is fully attentive. He is orchestrating the events for you, His child, for your best interest and for His glory. He loves you in the morning, noon, the evening, and all the in between.

On this Simply Sunday, may you turn your gaze toward the one who is looking at you. May you remember His love for you. May you receive from HIs wisdom, strength and care.

Blessings, Love y’all