th (83)He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler. Psalm 91:4 ESV

Stay-at-home has been the defensive and partly the offensive position that our government has chosen to address COVID19. They are scrambling to find treatments and a vaccine, but our posture has been primarily a defensive stance. We trust that our government has given us the best plan. Some, possibly many, are beginning to doubt the strategy, and are willing to take the risks of going back to work. I am not condoning, whining or complaining as much as I am making observations, but our verse today addresses this issue of trust and protection.

David is contemplating the type of protection that God provides to those who have made the decision to dwell with God. Faithfulness is the Hebrew word (’ă·mit·tōw) from the root ameth. It means stability, certainty, truth, trustworthiness, right, sure, true. God embodies these qualities, all of the time. He is not a mostly trustworthy God. He is always faithful and true. He fulfills every word and promise that He makes. His faithfulness to our lives  is the starting place and the finish line of God’s engagement over us.

His faithful commitment to our lives becomes a shield and a buckler. The shield is a small piece of a warrior’s armor used in close combat to deflect the blows of your enemy. It is moved quickly to protect your head and your heart. The strength of the shield was paramount for continued protection. God’s faithfulness will give you the wisdom to protect your thoughts (your head) from prosumption and “stinkin thinkin”. His trustworthiness abides within the emotions of your heart leading you to peace in the storm.

The Hebrew word for buckler is used only once in the Bible. Some translations use the word rampart, bulwark or wall. The root of the word means “to go all the way around”. A rampart and bulwark were defensive walls built around a city that would thwart the attack of the enemy. As the soldier would come over the wall, he would be in the most vulnerable position to be repelled. The word buckler is an armor term of the strapping that goes all the way around the body to hold all other parts of the armor in place.  Proper connection of the armor to the buckler would provide protection all the way around the soldier.

God’s faithfulness gives you 360 protection. We are primarily focused on threats that are coming toward us. God covers us all around our lives. Even when we can’t see something coming towards us or sneak attacks that come from our blind side, God is always on guard in our hidden areas. Some of those attacks reveal our trusts in inferior protections. Money and our own personal strategies will fail, but God’s word remains faithful.

The Psalmist is not expecting you to be a super soldier, watching in every direction. God’s faithfulness to you,  gives you a close combat shield and protects you from the side and behind. God provided a hedge of protection for Job that the devil could not penetrate. Follow God’s leading and let Him handle your protection. His leading honors those in authority and gives wisdom for right actions. Remember, this world is not eternal our home, His faithfulness is with us as we are passing through it. Hold the world loosely in your hands, but maintain a firm grip on God’s love, goodness and faithfulness.

Blessings Love y’all