Photo by Keith Finley
Jimbob and Speak Softly

This audio was one of the first recorded publicly. I shared this on Moody Radio with my Co-host John Rogers. I thought that I had included this in the blog entries, but I was unable to find it in the search cue. So I have added it today.

This is one of my all time favorites for me personally. Originally Gus the Goose was the preacher. Over time, I have transitioned to Wally giving Jimbob the spiritual counsel. These stories are recorded usually with one take. As I am ad libbing the story through stream of consciousness, I am as surprised as you are by some of the things they say to one another.

Before i start recording, I identify a verse and a conflict which needs to be resolved. Then I start the story. In today’s episode, I knew the verse and the three scenarios, but not the interaction which would occur. Hence, I break character and tell John to stop messing with the story.

The graphic was made by a friend, Keith Finley. The very first time I made up a Jimbob story was for my children around 1997 while we laid in bed telling a bedtime story. It was entitled “Jimbob’s New Shoes”. Keith made up a whole story board for that episode about 10 years later. He truly captured Jimbob’s and Wally’s characterization from my perspective. Thanks again Keith.

The Saturday Story Time title reflects my own love of Saturday morning cartoons I watched growing up as a child. For my children we would listen to Adventures in Odyssey on Saturday mornings produced by Focus on the Family. We also listened to a series called Jungle jam and Friends over and over. These were great stories with music and singing. Audio stories capture the imagination of listeners different than movies and TV. Oh, how I wish we could retain the ability to stay focused for prolonged quality audio dialogue and story telling.

In the future, Jimbob and Wally will probably spin off with their own sitcom of a blog or podcast. I am truly amazed at the amount of content which has been gathered over time. The bird sounds in the background come from the live recording as I sit in my front yard recording Jimbob and Wally on my laptop using Garage Band. John Rogers authored the tag line, a children’s story with a grown up message. I recognize these are simple stories which lack the precision of professional audio recording, i.e. more editing, sound effects, musical track intros and outros, but somehow, many people and children enjoy the stories.

One pastor friend said often, “sin makes you stupid”. When Wally shares some of God’s insights, it reveals how silly Jimbob’s choices were, like many of our own ideas. BUT the word of God leads the way to a better path of living and the love of God restores our relationship with Him through forgiveness. Praise God for His mercy and grace. Jimbob is especially grateful.

Blessings, Love y’all