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A person is delighted to hear an answer from his own mouth, and a timely word—oh, how good! Proverbs 15:23 – God’s Word Translation

Saturday Story Time – Jimbob’s Timely Word
Audio Blog – Jimbob’s Timely Word

As a writer, the wording of phrases and sentences are so important. I will type and delete sentences again and again to try to capture the rhythm and style for the phrases to speak exactly what I am trying to say. My hope is that one phrase will be remembered, encouraging toward freedom, or possibly even be quotable.  What is even more humorous is the fact that many people remember Jimbob’s one liners more than my writings.

Secrets (at least they were until I gave you this list) to giving a timely word

  • Read the Bible aloud. Speaking the dialogues in scripture brings the humanity of the Biblical men and women to life.
    • Pause for and with  punctuation
    • Speak with emotion as befitting the context – i.e. Jesus’ agony in the garden or Stephen’s speech to the Sanhedrin.
  • Pause to listen to the others’ mood
    • Timely words fit the occasion. Practice engaging in the appropriate tone
  • Ask God for help for you to give encouraging words
    • Does the phrase you are about to say bring encouragement or criticalness?
    • Submit your mind, thoughts and words as a sacrifice to the Holy Spirit to use as He desires.  You are gonna have to give an account for the words spoken
  • Memorize Bible verse about the use of the tongue to bring healing.
    • Proverbs say that life and death are in the power of the tongue – Choose life
  • Let your words come from your heart which has been touched by the idea
    • If the words did not move you, they will most likely not help another person
  • Apologies for an untimely word, become the timely word
    • None of us are perfect. Sometimes our words hurt. Asking for forgiveness may surprise you, but it will bring honor and respect to the relationship
  • Bless those who share timely words with ease.
    • Don’t be envious. Bless them and God’s blessing will return upon your life with great joy and no sorrow with it.
    • We move toward those things we bless and honor.
  • If you miss speaking your timely word because you were silent..send a card.
    • The timely word can still bring life to the hearer, even if it comes a little later

You will pass a myriad of people everyday who are looking for timely words, and they may not even know it. “Nice haircut”; “I appreciate your kindness”; “thanks for helping, you do that really well”; “thanks for serving me and others everyday”; “sorry to hear about your family member dying, what were they like?”; “You are a good and faithful friend.” The options for encouragement are infinite, yet have potency because they come from you.

May you find great joy in the speaking of your timely words for others. You have the privilege to build others up. Way to go…you can do this.

Blessings, love y’all