IMG_1929And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. Mark 16:15 ESV

While in Cambodia, Pam and I had the privilege yesterday to meet with some of the ladies who make backpacks that we give away in our distribution in Tuscaloosa. We meet in a small room that was filled with many of the supplies for the piece work of sewing and assembly of the BP’s.

There were about 12 ladies with a few small children in the room. One boy played games on his phone…it’s everywhere. We took a little bit of time to thank them and to tell them how many people are involved in the project in the USA. We showed pictures of the distributions and talked about the volunteers and sponsors who make it happen.

I shared a funny story of one of my bus children trying to comprehend how far away Cambodia is from Tuscaloosa. He said, “I know, you will probably have to drive for a couple of days.” They all laughed.  Then our host, Jen Barnes said to me, “Tell them about your other job.”

Pam and I tagged team sharing the love of Jesus…a name they were unfamiliar with for the most part. Only 4 of 1 percent in the nation claim christianity. 95 percent are buddhist. I shared the Zacchaeus story and Pam led them in a prayer for following Jesus. As definitely needed, our interpreter took a few minutes to make sure they understood what we were asking of them.  She said they understood and saw an opportunity for Saturday follow-up meetings. Most of the ladies raised their hands that they had prayed with Pam.

Jesus said He would teach us how to fish for people. Hooks are great ways to catch fish. Your testimony is a hook. Personal needs are a hook.  A good bible verse is a hook. But the casting is done with our speech. Let’s take as many oppotunites as possible to share and let the results be in God’s department.

We have a youth event on Saturday and I am preaching on Sunday.  Thanks for the prayers.

Blessings Love y’all