withchristonthroneThere is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love. I John 4:18 NIV

In the late 90’s I attended a Spiritual Warfare and Prayer Conference in Colorado Springs. During one of the worship times I had a vision which is like a dream only you are awake. God allowed me to see the impact of unconditional love for me, personally.

I found myself at the throne of God in which I was a young boy. I don’t remember his face, I just knew I was invited to come and sit on his lap. I was hesitant because of the dirt on my skin and cuts. He invited me to come.

Finally, I went and snuggled into his arms. I felt love, peace and warmth. But then, I remembered my dirt and cuts. I didn’t deserve to belong in such a loving place. I decided to get down and began to wiggle away. But, HE held me. Not in a way that hurt. Rather, HE held me to remind me of His strength to never let me go. Stil, I resisted. I squirmed and tried several ways to break free but to no avail. He was not going to let me go.

At that point I gave up from exhaustion. So I just sat there, in His embrace. I felt something changing. While I was sitting and being held, my dirt was being removed. My cuts and scars were being healed. I was becoming clean. In just a short time, I was totally clean and joy filled my heart. Then, He let me go. I was filled with happiness and wanted to run and play.

He said He had one more thing to give me. We went into a room with lots of robes. These were very ornate robes that were used for royalty such as a prince would were during a celebration. He told me to pick one out. I hesitated. They were big and beautiful, not something I was accustomed to wear. I didn’t deserve that attire. I have never been somebody important. He insisted.

To prove him wrong that the robes were too big for me, I chose one to put on. “See, I told you it was too big.” He said, “Look in the mirror”. I turned and faced a full length mirror. The robe did not shrink, but I had grown. In the mirror, I was a strong looking young man that the robe fit perfectly. I looked like royalty. Excitement ran through my veins. I am a King’s kid. He said, “It looks good on you. I have more gifts.” The vision ended.

During the time of the vision, I sat on the ground weeping against my chair. I knew that this was more than just a vision. In my spirit I had experienced LOVE from Father God. My sin and shame were NOT repulsive to Him as one of His children. In His presence, I was made clean and joy filled my heart.

May you know the LOVE from Daddy God today. He will remove fears. No pain or stupid actions can thwart His movement of love toward you. His only request is “Come”.

Blessing Love y’all