Bolivia-26and he said: “O Lord God of our fathers, are You not God in the heavens? And do You not rule over all the kingdoms of the nations? In Your hand are strength and might, and there is no one who can oppose You.   2 Chronicles 20:6 MEV

Songs are wonderful for keeping our attention on a sustained thought. I was singing and thinking about a repetitive phrase in the song by Leeland called the Lion and the Lamb. ”Our God who calls the saved, is here to set the captives free. Who can stop the lord almightyWho can stop the lord?”

Since God rules over ALL the kingdoms of the world, everything is under His dominion. Everything both big and small. NOTHING is too big or too insignificant to pass out of view from His care. He is the God of all.

Who can stop the lord?

An equally good question, what can stop the Lord? Will lack of finances, fear of the dark and unknown, lawsuits, illness, disease or cancer, a vengeful person, a filthy mouth, a spiteful loved one, an angry boss, a wicked government official, a despairing report, a lack of natural ability, or a lot of unsaved people doing unsaved things stop the Lord from fulfilling His plans and purposes? Can ________ stop the Lord? You fill in the blanks with your own personal concerns.

Picture taking is an art. If you are too close, the subject fills the whole frame of the picture. At the right distance your subject is the focal point, but is framed well in perspective with the surroundings.  Too far back and you lose the subject and notice the massive background. All of these pics have the same subject, it is just the distance from the subject that changes the perspective.

Likewise, God is big, powerful, mighty and full of strength for every situation. Allow God to tell you where to stand, to LOOK at your problem.  Make sure God is the subject and your problem is also in the picture…there, somewhere.

Who can stop the Lord almighty? Not me. Not you. Not any problem facing you today.

Blessings Love y’all