The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the LORD. Proverbs 18:22 NLT

I said, “I do”, and she said, “I do”. Pam and I were married 33 years ago on this day in my home church of Turkey Creek First Baptist in Plant City, Florida. Happy Anniversary, Pam! Eleven years into the marriage, our sixth child, Melody, was born on this day, February 28, 1998. We have been sharing birthdays and anniversaries ever since. We make an intentional effort to get away on our anniversary. This year we are all in Plant City for our home town’s Strawberry Festival.

Most translation use the word “thing” for the word “treasure”. The Hebrew word is “towb” and is pronounced “tobe” with the long “o” sound and the “b” sounding like a “v”.

It is the same word that God used in creation to make a statement about the intrinsic quality of His work, And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. Genesis 1:31 ESV. It is the same root word when we talk of the goodness of the Lord.

I like the term treasure because it captures the value of the wife over ordinary good things. She is to be honored and cherished like the greatest treasure that you could ever possess. Never take her for granite as something that is common place. She is the perfect help mate and partner for the two of you to accomplish the adventure of life that God brings your way.

I still remember the admonition from Pastor James Smith on our wedding day. Paraphrasing, it was 33 years ago, “Greg, look at me. Pam is to be treasured. Treat her with great respect and acts of kindness and service so that her countenance remains full of life and love.” That phrase was a challenge that I took seriously to fulfill.

This is the first time that I noticed the second part of the verse, “finding favor from the Lord.” This has a twofold meaning. The first part clearly states that to find a wife is to be in the position of favor. Marriage is a sign of God’s favor that two people share together. It’s a blessing that two people receive by making this commitment to love and cherish one another.

Secondly, marriage opens the door for God’s favor in the future events of life. Studies show that marriage prolongs the life span and the quality of life for each person. God desires for blessing and life to flow continually over a marriage. 

I want to suggest that the favor also comes in proportion to the man’s perspective of valuing his wife as a treasure. When he treats her as she deserves to be honored and cherished, that too opens the blessings of heaven over the marriage. For God allows love to flow reciprocally. She responds with love and affection to the husband that is honoring and cherishing her. This is a “good thing”.

Happy Anniversary, Pam!!!  Happy Birthday, Melody!!!

Blessings Love y’all