EngageRepent at my rebuke! Then I will pour out my thoughts to you, I will make known to you my teachings. Proverbs 1:23 NIV

I liked Star Trek and even Star Trek the Next Generation. The writers would include memoriable one liners throughout the series. In the Next Generation series Captain Picard would often say to His first officer,”Make it so, Number One.” Another phrase that he would give as an order for the ship to start moving, “Engage”. The officer would tap a few buttons and the ship would speed off into space.

King Solomon is trying to instruct his son to align his life with principles that will produce a satisfying and fulfilled life. There is a world of distractions that will lure his son off the path of life. You can only receive the benefits of God’s wisdom when you “engage”.

I believe this is one of the verses that Jesus was thinking about when He said “out of you shall flow rivers of living water, by this He meant the Spirit”. Why?

Let’s break down.

Repent at my rebuke – When you receive a wisdom thought – turn toward it. Don’t keep going in the direction that will be hurtful. Turn and align yourself with the prinicples of healthy living. You can’t receive God’s best, if you continue walking in the other direction.

When you decide to turn, then God does some amazing things.

I will pour out my thoughts in the Hebrew this phrase is literally I will spring forth, bubble up, my Spirit upon you. In other words, when you decide to start thinking and turning your life in the direction God is instructing you…His Spirit begins to flood His life giving ways toward you. He does not just leave you to think good thoughts. He brings His life, His Spirit, and His character of hope, peace, and joy to start bubbling up in your life.

I will make known uses the Hebrew verb “yada –to know”. This is the same word in the King James for intimate experiential knowledge such as Adam knew Eve and she conceived a son. God is not a witness in the stands somewhere watching you live life. Instead, He is fully engaged in all of your activities to guide you in what is right.

Repent – change the way you are thinking, so that God’s Spirit may spring forth and bubble up life in your mind and heart today.

Blessings Love y’all