Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation. I Peter 2:2 NIV

13553863_web1_copy_180919-VNE-VictoriaHumanePuppies.jpgAs a child I remember when our dog Boots, named for the white hair on her feet on a body of gold, had her first litter of puppies.  She was a small medium sized dog. One by one the little pups were born and began to whimper. Boots sniffed, licked and nudged the new borns. They soon found her tits and began to nurse themselves. Without training, or instruction, they instantly knew what to do to sustain life and begin to grow. It is in the DNA of a newborn animal for survival.

Certain foods are better for growth and healthy living than other foods.  We learn at an early age the basic food groups and what is best for our bodies. Yet, we still choose to eat other junk food. Even as I am typing, I have a soda and a bottle of water within arms reach. Why would I choose the soda, even if it is sugar free, instead of the water?

Peter is using the physical analogy to awaken us to the spiritual malnourishment that exist for many of us. What we crave and drink spiritually affects our growth.  If we would look in the spiritual mirror, how healthy would our spiritual muscles look? Are there any well defined faith muscles? Eyes expressing unconditional love? Mouth full of kindness? Clean hands and a pure heart?

Spiritual growth doesn’t occur just because we are close in proximity to spiritual activity. No one else can eat spiritually for you. It is already in your spiritual DNA to long for more of God in your life.  Make a decision today to crave the God life. Tomorrow we will suggest a 9 ROUND of activities for your spiritual health.

Blessings Love y’all