17 The women living there said, “Naomi has a son!” And they named him Obed. He was the father of Jesse, the father of David. Ruth 4:17 NIV

Honoring Grandparents Like Obed – Chapter 1 A Boy Named David

For the audio story, I submit to you a short story I wrote about young King David as a shepherd boy “A Boy Named David”. His grandfather Babed (Obed) tells the story of David’s great grandmother Ruth.

The month of September includes grandparent appreciation. Some of your grandparents may have passed away early in your life. So sorry! It is incredibly meaningful to bridge the generations with our families.

If you do not live near your grandparents, adopt an older couple. Our children have wonderful grandparents, yet when we moved away to Birmingham, Mim and Buddy Finch became our adopted grandparents for our kids. We called them to help when our kids were sick. I remember calling them during a medical emergency to stay with the others while Pam and I went to the hospital with the two children who were hurt. They celebrated birthdays and hosted the kids at their house to play with Buddy’s home made wooden toys.

Some wonderful aspects of Grandparents

  • They lived in a former generation. You can read books about history, but it’s wonderful to hear from an eyewitness. My grandpa Richard shared personal stories of being in WWII.
  • They have personal stories to tell. Most of their life is not written in a book, unless they self-published. Their stories are first person, even if the elaborate a little, enjoy it. Most will never hear their story…but you have a front row seat.
  • They raised your mom or dad. Know one knows your parents like your grandparents do. They saw your mom or dad’s personality and temperament blossom. They were there for their school projects, sick days, and major accomplishments. Plus, they know the “good” stuff about them.
  • They persevered. Every life has trials and struggles to overcome. Whether you were poor or rich, trouble has been on your doorstep. Overcoming and enduring are qualities that are gained on the battlefield of life. If your grandparents are still alive…they have battle scars which are worth listening to and learning from.

Take a moment today to send a message or call them to let them know they are loved. One of the saddest aspects of our mobile society is the distance created between family units. In other words, we don’t live near our extended family. Your call or message lets them know they are not forgotten and have a continued role in your life.

I hope you enjoyed the short story “A Boy Named David”. Thanks to my Granddaddy Rogers for teaching me the art of good storytelling.

Blessings Love y’all