th-51For as a young man marries a young woman, so shall your sons marry you, and as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice over you. Isaiah 62:5 ESV

June Brides takes on a whole new meaning for the Hallmark Channel during this month. My wife loves to watch the stories unfold between the unlikely couples, who eventually are unable to resist the inevitable…they are meant for one another. We have a desire to see couples express their love for one another.

So here is the little secret spice for intimate marriage – rejoicing. When the man rejoices over his bride and later his wife, it is the aroma for a good recipe for marriage. Remove rejoicing and the sparks cease to fly. Rejoicing will look and sound a little different for every couple, but it’s one of the essential elements for the growth of love.

Rejoicing is expressed with words. Guys it is important that our wives “hear” how special they are to our lives. They need to hear the “why’s”. Why did you enjoy the meal? Why do you appreciate them? Why do you think they are a good mother? Why do you think they are beautiful? It is your privilege to whisper in their ear, how special they are. Our wives are able to use these words of life in their thoughts throughout the day.

Rejoicing demands authenticity. Husbands it may feel a little awkward if you have not been expressing rejoicing lately, but the authentic attempts are received. Conversely, every wife knows, I mean they really know, when your heart is not connected to what you are trying to express to them. If there is anything in your hand or in front of you – remove it. Rejoicing does not like to share space with anything else besides the object of its affection.

Rejoicing thrives in a culture of rejoicing. Both the husband and the wife enjoy the benefits of consistent words of affirmation that occur on a regular basis. One attempt a month does not equal the threshold of rejoicing. It must occur repeatedly and often to gain the status of a “rejoicing atmosphere”. A “rejoicing climate” can weather the thunderstorms of life much easier.

Wives, pleace overly affirm every attempt from your husband who speaks a word of appreciation. We, really do want to please our wives. When we see that a particular action brings you joy, we usually follow that line of action in our next attempts. Your loving response to our rejoicing produces more rejoicing.

These 3 elements are true of our relationship with God. Jesus is the Word in flesh to reveal to us the love of the Father. His words are truth and can always be trusted. He pursues us and places His Spirit within us so that we may be one. Today, please know that, because of Jesus, our Father is rejoicing right now over us.

Blessings Love y’all