o-ANXIETY-KIDS-facebookJesus answered him, “What I am doing you do not understand now, but afterward you will understand.” John 13:7 ESV

You have such a strong desire to know the future. You want to predict the outcome of the next few moments. The unknown causes you to be so unsettled. In fact, a lot of your creative brain activity is consumed with replaying endless scenarios of what might happen or if this happens or when that I happens then I will…

My Son knew when and how He was going to die when He gathered for His last meal with His closest friends. During that time He shared many things that you would want to say before you part. He also demonstrated His love for them by washing their feet. My Son, the Word who spoke the world into being, knelt down and washed His creations feet.

I am still serving your needs. Sometimes you will walk through experiences in which the pain is so intense that you lose sight of Me. Trust Me, for in your life there will be an “afterward”. My timing is exact like the moon tides and the sunsets. I will bring understanding to you later. With that knowledge, you will see My glory and your process of maturing.

For now, trust me in the middle of your worry in which “don’t understand”. I will always be by your side as we walk this journey together. Plant a seed along the path to remind you of my trust when you see how it has flourished in a future time. I care for you now and what you are becoming.  I always have your best interest at heart to lead you into a full and meaningful life.

You look tired. Come and rest in My peace. Let me serve you while you try so very hard to put the pieces of the puzzle of your life into order. I am here.

Whispers From Your Father, God