IMG_1818The LORD will indeed give what is good, and our land will yield its harvest.  Psalms 85:12 NIV

Recently Pam and I had the privilege to travel to South Korea. We had opportunities to sightsee different areas of Seoul on our own…without a guide. Part of this travel included navigating the Subway system with multiple connections and trains traveling to and from the same locations. We were stuck at one junction studying a map trying to discern exactly where we were and how to get to our next destination.

An older Korean gentleman approached us and asked if we needed help. We told him where our destination was. He told us we weren’t even looking at the right map. That map was highlighting token stations. He told us “go up those steps, turn and walk a long way. When you come to an elevator go up one flight, turn and follow the sign for your destination and get on the train.”

Even though we couldn’t “see” where we were going, we followed his instructions which included a much longer walk than what we had envisioned in our minds. We turned around several times to look behind us. He was following us…not in a creepy way…rather, he was making sure that we did not make any wrong turns. We made our connection and continued on our journey.

The starting point of trusting God to navigate life is to believe that He is good. We want to understand His instructions or have 100 percent surety of the outcome before we will agree to obey His leading. However, He asks that we trust in His goodness first.

When you are stuck and haven’t traveled through your present experience, it is important to have a guide that you can trust to help get you through. God will indeed give that which is good to you. Going through physical health challenges, God’s presence is real. Going through financial struggles, He provides good things to the broken and weary. Going through messed up relational issues, He will show you the power of peace.

Simple math for God. Trust plus obedience equals fruitful harvest. Trust is both feet in, not straddling a fence. Obedience is movement, not contemplating which direction and outcomes. Fruitful harvest is the abundant life that Jesus offers.

I hope that you engage in some simple math today. When you are stuck, trust in the goodness of God as you seek His help to lead you out.

Blessings Love y’all