But as for me, this mystery has not been revealed to me for any wisdom residing in me more than in any other living man, but for the purpose of making the interpretation known to the king, and that you may understand the thoughts of your mind. Daniel 2:30 NIV

Sorry no Jimbob Rabbit story this morning, I am traveling. In fact that leads into the story. I am helping a young man move in his car to Iowa City from Alabama which is close to 800 miles away. I will fly back on Sunday. 

We had great weather and loved looking at America the Beautiful as it displayed its spring colors in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Missouri before it started getting dark. At twilight we were taking the bypass around St. Louis, so I turned on my lights. I soon noticed several cars flashing the high and low beam lights behind me. I had the impression that our tail lights may not be working, so we stopped at the next exit that had a Walmart. 

We did indeed have one tail light blown and the other needed new red tape over a previous fender bender. We bought the new light bulb and tried some tape, but although it was red, it was not transparent enough. We would by some more tape further down the road.

A delay in leaving and several stops put our last gas stop at midnight on Friday. We would arrive at our hotel in Davenport in one hour. As we got back on the Interstate for the last leg before sleep, we saw blue lights in the rear view mirror pulling us over. Leemar’s car has a nonworking driver’s side window, I prayed that the officer would come to the passenger side. I put both hands on the steering wheel recognizing the tense climate at the present time with police officials.

He came to the passenger side and Leemar rolled down the window. He told us he pulled us over because only one light was working. He asked if we were truly from Alabama, which made me laugh inside as I was wearing a crimson shirt with the big UA logo on the left side.

He looked down in Leemar’s lap and saw his phone was open to a tv show. He asked what we were watching. Without hesitation. Leemarr said, “Have you heard about an online show called The Chosen? It’s a series about the life of Jesus. It’s really good.” The officer replied that he had not heard, but he said it was probably good.

We told him about the repair that we had tried a few hours back. He took our license and went to inspect our work. After a few minutes, he came back. As he ws talking, I realized that I needed to say something to him. Even though he stopped us because of a mechanical problem on the car, this stop was for him also.

I said, “Officer I just want you to know that we appreciate your service. Thank you for keeping us safe and doing what your are doing.” He smiled and replied, “I want to thank you for your calm cooperation.” He told us to be safe on the rest of our travels.

Here is the message for today. As Leemar and I were driving away, God spoke to my spirit and said, “This stop was not primarily about you, although you need to finish the repair. The officer needed encouragement, especially in this volatile climate.”

We prayed for his safety and wisdom. We passed 5 more police officer cars before arriving to the hotel at 1:30 a.m. We prayed for each of the officers and that God would allow peace to settle over the tension in our country. If righteousness exalts a nation, then God please allow us to repent, do the works of repentance, to align ourselves with righteous living.

Sometimes the stuff that is happening to you is really not about you. Others are watching. Others are still in bondage to sin and fear. Others need to see what freedom and love in Christ really looks like on display. May you love and live in the abundant life that God offers.

Blessing Love y’all