th-44Whoever is a believer in Christ is a new creation. The old way of living has disappeared. A new way of living has come into existence. 2 Corinthians 5:17 GOD”s WORD Translation.

There has to be a turning point somewhere if you desire to go in the opposite direction. Part of my spiritual walk into a new direction included the phrase I adopted, “I don’t receive that.” I usually whisper it under my breath, but sometimes I just say it aloud. When someone speaks a word curse or I have a critcal thought about my character, I raise my hand in the stop sign position and say, “I don’t receive that.”

Because of poor decisions in my past, the devil wants to put labels on me that will inhibit the effectiveness of who God thinks that I am. These labels are sticky thoughts that look for any opening to attach themselves to my life. Thoughts attack me, like “I will never be good enough.”; “I don’t have what it takes.”; “I’m a failure.”;  or “My bad decisions have disqualified me.” These statements cut so deep as to engrain themselves as a definition of the person that you “really” are.

For those in Christ the reality is a universe of difference. Our total identity of the person that we are right now, at this moment, is hidden in the character of Christ. We have been given a new name and a new character. God looks at us through the prism of His Son. The sacrificial blood from Jesus death hides our past and reveals a new us.

Somehow, we have to start believing and acting differently.  Our words not only have the power to lead us into new directions, they also thwart the negative impacts. This is the strength of the phrase, “I don’t receive that.” It stops the attachment of the thought toward our character. It pauses the impact long enough for us to receive the truth that God speaks about us.

God’s word speaks life to our very core. In Him all things are new. I can think new thoughts because He has given me the mind of Christ. When God the Father begins a new work in my life, He will not stop, ever, until He brings it to completion. My mess ups are not powerful enough to stop His efforts.

So, when someone calls you a derogatory name or you have a negative thought about your character, th-45just raise your hand in the stop sign position and say, “I don’t receive that!” Then whisper to yourself what God thinks about you, for His word is truth, life and hope.

Blessings Love y’all