king of the mountainHow long will you threaten a man? Will all of you attack as if he were a leaning wall or a tottering stone fence?  They only plan to bring him down from his high position. They take pleasure in lying; Psalm 62:3-4a CSB

One of my favorite childhood games was called King of the Mountain. I lived in Florida, so we did not have any real mountains, but a small dirt mound would suffice. One boy would ascend to the top of the mound and declare, “I am King of the Mountain”. The others would form a circle around the mound and try to cause distractions. The goal was to dethrone the King by physically pushing and wrestling him off of his spot or “throne”.  Sometimes while the king and another boy wrestled, you couldysneak into position and make your declaration. The reality – no one stayed king for very long. Even the biggest boy could be taken down with enough other boys working together.

Leadership paranoia is real. Jealousy and envy for that position of power and control is prevalent in every society and people group. How many movies or books  are made in which the main conflict is about a younger leader overthrowing the older such as Julius Caesar and The Caine Mutiny.

King David was dethroned by his own son, Absalom. Absalom had won the hearts of David’a subjects over time by constantly undermining David’s rulings. He had multiple conversations with friends. See if this sounds familiar? “My father, David, is a good King, but if I were King I would have made the changes this way.  I would not be stuck in the past, but make rulings more in favor of the people.”

Several thoughts about being “King of the Mountain”

  • Leadership is first and foremost a position of serving. Jesus washed his disciples feet. You are ruling from the wrong mound if you think it is about exercising power and authority.
  • Even when you are making wise decisions, there will be those who envy your spot. They may like your money, the prestige, or the perceived power. You must determine to serve them also.
  • God ultimately allows leaders to move into positions of leadership. Even bad leaders.
  • Be careful not to judge other leaders. God alone truly knows their hearts.  We are supposed to pray for those in authority. Do you trust God to listen and respond to your prayers for mercy and righteousness? God can orchestrate any change at any moment. Ultimately we pray for the leader to be reconciled to God.
  • As a leader, learn to empower others to take your spot.  Jesus spent 3 years preparing his disciples to take leadership roles in the church. Who are you helping to become a servant-leader?

Moms, you are leaders for your children. There are also many roles of leadership for women outside of the home. Husbands love, serve and lead your wife and family. Young person, this generation is in desperate need for someone like you to lead others toward hope, love and sacrifice.

Jesus, the King of Kings, loves and serves us.  He provided the example for us to walk “in His steps.”

Blessings Love y’all