stay on path

My steps have held to your paths;  my feet have not stumbled. Psalm 17:5 NIV

All have sinned and decided to go their own way. There is no one who has walked blameless in regards to My commands, except My Son. You can’t earn My love by trying to be good. I love you because My Son finds value in you. There are. however, rewards for walking in the right paths.

I have established laws into this world system that brings benefits to those who choose to walk that path. Gravity can cause things to break when they fall, but it is also used to teach balance. The sun and moon keep the order of time and seasons.

Sowing and reaping, seed time and harvest  are examples of these principles. Seed planting is hard work. It develops patience, endurance and trust.  It requires faith to expect a harvest from a seed put into the ground that you expect to die and then begin to grow. Yet, everywhere in this world there are those who live by this invisible kingdom principle. They have learned the benefits of watching the times and seasons to know when to plant and reap.

Learn the right paths to walk. Put into practice the values of My Kingdom in order to receive its benefits. Learning to forgive will release the effects of the pain it causes within you. I love those who learn to cheerfully give for this worldly stuff will have no hold on them. Serving others as more important than yourself, releases a joy of purpose that frees from the consuming appetite of loving one’s self. 

All of these activities have rewards that come later, but they will come. Choosing not to lie keeps a light on your pathway. Truth carries peace that is unnoticeable unless you step down the path of deception. All types of fear grow along that path. Turn your feet back towards My truth. If you have strayed, repent. For the light of My love waits for those who turn toward My Son.

O weary one, talk with Me. Let Me lead you into a place of rest for your soul. Follow My righteous path for there is far less on it that causes you to stumble.

Whispers from Your Father, God.