heart speakingMy son, do not forget my teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, Proverbs 3:1 NIV

Excuse me, pardon me, give me some room. This is your “Heart” speaking. I know you may think this is a little weird, but I have found some space to make it to the podium of your conscience. I need just a couple of minutes of your time while you are still quiet, before everything starts running around.

Are you ready to listen?

Hello, this is your “Heart” speaking. Not the physical, rhythmic organ, but the core of your inner being. I want to thank you for listening to our Creator and inviting Him into our life. I was designed with the proper furnishings to let His Spirit make His permanent abode within me.  He is quite welcome here.

There is, however, a couple of problems that I want to draw to your attention.  The first is a “space” issue. To be honest, there is just not enough room for me to stay as a primary voice with all of the other stuff that you keep letting  in here. You keep going after treasures that fill up all of the room and they push me into a very tight corner. Entertainment, exercise and eating consume most of your life after working and sleeping. All of that stuff and more shouts so loud for you to continue to feed it, that my voice appears to have become silent. But I am still here and I am speaking.

I don’t become too alarmed because almost all of that stuff dissipates quickly. Like cheap furniture it looks good on the outside, but doesn’t have the quality to last. It doesn’t carry the true weightiness needed to remain. Money, possession of things, power over people, or trying to be number one promises things that they can’t deliver. Eventually these things produce a dissatisfying odor that stinks up the whole place. 

Try to treasure the things that are eternal. Give that Bible stuff some time. It carries a balm that soothes me in the middle of stress. Read it and we can think about it together. I will make any adjustments necessary to make room for the Word of God. It grows sweeter than honey day after day.

The second issue is one of priorities. I was designed to give good advice to help steer you in the right direction. I know the “Will” actually controls the directing of the rudder, but it is my job to give good counsel. When you are allowing God’s word to align my priorities, then I can do my job pretty well.

I know I’ve gotten a bad reputation that says I am deceitful and that you may have trouble following my lead. That’s because sin used to have it’s home here. Just use God’s word as a filter for my voice. His light will quickly reveal the hidden agendas.

Thank you for listening, I know how busy you are. Oh, one more thing while I have the chance. Let’s get the emotions to line up in their proper position. You and I know that it’s okay to have them, but they need to stay in line. Life gets too confusing when they try to take the lead. They think they have the only colored glasses in which we have to view the world. 

“Fear” likes to jump out at you and say “boo”. You jump and then he stays. Let “love” walk him back to his place in line. “Worry” stays way too busy. He likes to join in everybody’s conversation. He has no answers, but loves to take up his time by asking “what if” questions again and again. It’s like, he never takes time to breathe. He doesn’t want to give anyone else a chance to talk. The reality is that he was designed to be a follower and not the leader. He thinks he is the main attraction and that you should seek after him continually. When faith gets involved and you seek God first, then “worry” will quickly get back in line. God’s promises have a calming influence over “worry”

“Anger” is the bull in our china shop. He makes a terrible mess every time he moves around. I am constantly having to help pick up the shattered stuff that falls to the floor. If he could just channel that heated expression toward helping injustices that are perpetrated against the innocent, he would find a good way to vent all that hot air.

“Unforgiveness” is a most unwelcomed guest. Nobody invited him into our space. He just walked right in when someone else treated us wrongly. Then he wouldn’t leave. Says he is not going until “justice” fixes things. He says he is staying until the other person who gave him to us is hurting worse than we feel. But still, he stays. His presence is a real drain on the whole body system. We just don’t work well holding on to that kind of pain. Truthfully only Jesus can help us walk “unforgiveness” to the door. We must go and find “grace” to let him go. Somehow “grace” can wrap his arms around “unforgiveness” to get it out.

I am sorry, I said I needed a couple of minutes and now I have taken far too long. I can hear “Will” telling me to move aside. I may not be on the podium anymore, but I am here. You hold the key to everything that is dear to me. Please only let the truly important things to make their home within me. I am especially partial to the words of God.

Lovingly, Your Heart.