Commit your way to the Lord;trust in him and he will do this:He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun. Psalm 37:5-6 NIV

Favorable outcomes are directly related to waiting and trust. I am faithful when I call upon you with a promise, and yes, I will bring it to pass. Sometimes a good situation will appear to come to you quickly, but much has been happening for your desires to be fulfilled.

This was true for My Son as He hung on the cross. That great tension was felt as He remembered the promise of raising Him up, but also going through the finality of death. Listen and understand His words, “Into your hands, I commit My spirit.” He was trusting that I would bring forth His righteous sacrifice in the dawn of the third day of His death. He was trusting to be vindicated from the power of death for Himself and for all who believe. Life forevermore.

O my child, I know how hard it is to wait and trust in Me. You truly believe that taking actions into your own hands will bring about your desired outcome. May ways are not your ways, nor are My thoughts like your thoughts. Wait for my instructions. I will lead you in the way that you should go. It will be a way that leads to life, peace and joyful satisfaction. It will lead to the ultimate fulfillment of the desires of your heart.

When you are unsure of the future, commit your trust in Me. When you have been offended, put you trust in Me to bring forth what is right. When you are struggling with insufficiency, keep doing what is right as you wait for Me to act. When you have relationships that are broken, I feel your pain. Keep on loving is the action that feeds and protects your own life and spirit during the trial. When your way has been blocked leading to disappointment, settle your heart and be still. I am sitting with you until you are ready to move forward again.

I will come to you. I will make all things beautiful in their time. I have compassion and love for My children that allows me to engage on your behalf. Though you do not see, trust that I am working always. I will do as I have promised.

Whispers from Your Father, God