turn the pageThe way of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, which shines ever brighter until the full light of day. Proverbs 4:18

For Pam and I, July is Backpack month. It actually starts with collecting names in March and ends with the storing a few supplies in August, but July is our busiest time with regular 16 plus hour days for about 3 weeks.  I am not complaining, just explaining. It was at the end of this time, when I was contemplating all the stuff that I need to address that I heard God say “turn the page”.

Our verse today encourages us to move forward into a new day. The night is almost over and it is the righteous who continue to walk toward light. The righteous are moving forward. Below are some of the ideas that came to mind as I meditated on this phrase “turn the page”. Perhaps you might be able to identify with some of these.

  • Glance at yesterday in your rearview mirror and focus on what is in front of you. No matter how good or bad the events were yesterday, they lie in your past. You don’t have to try to relive them or continually rehearse them. Give it a glance and thank God it’s behind you.
  • Find your thermometer. Our activities and actions can slip backwards in the direction of lukewarmness without our realizing it. We are coasting on our religious background. Test for lukewarmness. God wants us hot or cold, but spits lukewarmness out of his mouth. Turn the page and follow the path of passionate love with Jesus. ( Revelation 3 church of Laodicea)
  • Fear of the unknown can keep the parking brake engaged. One of my daughters almost always engages the parking brake when she stops. I don’t remember this until I try to drive her car. It will not operate freely like it is supposed to do. Check for resistance to following God’s voice. Could there be fear that is stopping you from “turning the page”?
  • Take time to sharpen the ax. Repetition of good things has great rewards. Taking time to hone those skills is equally important. Lay your calendar in front of you and assess your priorities, time and resources. Are you fully engaged in the activities that are the highest value for you? How much of your time involves family communication? Where are you giving offerings? Are you engaged in discipling and being discipled? Adjust your schedule to reflect what is truly important.
  • Finish incomplete tasks. One of the reasons we “turn the page” is to find out how the story will come to an end.  We all have unfinished task in which some are quite repetitive like house chores. But I am referring to some of the larger goals that you stated were important to you, but have been shelved. “Turn the page”. Make a plan to address completing those projects. Envision what it might look like finished. Then take the baby step to walk down that path.

Like the dawn of a new day let hope arise. God is fully engaged to walk with you. Let’s see what is written in His book.

Blessing Love y’all