He has remembered his love  and his faithfulness to Israel; all the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God. Psalm 98:3 NIV

Your Time Is Now

Adam: Lord, I have sinned. Will you forget me?

Father God: I have created and formed you, I know you by name. I will never forget you. You will be the apple of my eye and My face will always be toward you.

Adam: But don’t you look away when I sin? Didn’t you turn away from Jesus, your Son, when He was dying on the cross?

Father God: It is true that I abhor sin. It is not an emotional response in which I am offended easily. Sin has never been a part of My holiness. Yet, My Son for a moment became the world’s sin so that you may experience My righteousness.

Father God: Those who are not My Children, who have not received My Son experience My stiff arm of rejection. BUT when you confess your love for Me and repent of your sins, I  embrace you forever with both arms of love. My Son made this possible.

Adam: Sometimes when I sin, I feel like you are disappointed and would rather not have me around. Maybe, You are ashamed to call me Your son?

Father God: Sin always has major side effects, many are unseen but felt. Shame is one of those which leads to hiding and isolation. This broken feeling signifies that a relationship has fallen out of loving acceptance. BUT not on My end. Keep remembering as I do what manner of love which I have for those who are called children of God.

Father God: The good thing I have started in you, I will carry it on to completion. My commitment to you runs deeper than you can imagine. It spans the generations and allows Me to fulfill My promises which I made to Abram. This is My promise to him and to you, I will always remember to be faithful to complete all of them. As for your sins, they have been washed away. How could I say it any more emphatically? My Son died in your place.

Adam: I don’t deserve the love that you show toward me. Yet, I do believe that you remember me. In this I have hope, that I will see, experience, feel, and know in my head and heart that in spite of my wrong choices; I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land in which I live. YOU have written my name in the book of remembrance of life.  As a father has compassion on His children, so You have compassion on me.

Father God: Draw near to Me, and I am already running to you. I am holding the broken pieces of your life in My hand. I can make a way in which you cannot see. I make all things beautiful in My time. Your time is now!

Whispers from Your Father, God