Jesus went out to the lake with his disciples, and a large crowd followed him.  Mark 3:7 NLT

Have you ever tried to make a decision about the next place you are supposed to be? There are big decisions like a job, school or what car to buy. Then, there are smaller decisions like where or what are you going to eat tonight? Where do you stop to fill up on gas?

When I started my 11th grade year I was trying out again for the cross country team. I was also becoming more devoted in my faith. Our Pastor led a Bible Study on Monday nights. This was the primary source of growth much like a discipleship group meeting. I chose to quit the team to be able to go to the Bible study regularly as the practicers conflicted with being able to attend the Bible study. I wasn’t a superstar runner, but I felt as if the Bible study was the place I should be at that time.

As I woke up this morning I felt God ask me, “Why did large crowds follow Jesus?”  I replied to Him, “the miracles”?  “No!  It was because Jesus was following my lead to the next place I wanted Him to be.”  If Jesus had gone to the mountains, the crowd would not have been able to follow…but he went to the lake.  

This was exactly where God needed him to be in order for the large crowd’s to find him.  God’s provision, your next big event, sermon, service opportunity, participation in church, and even going to work or school every day has the opportunity for impact when you are following His lead to the next place. Even if it as simple as walking to the lake.

Jesus said my sheep hear my voice and they follow me.  He leads them in and out to pasture.  God will bring that which is necessary in your life…as you follow Him.  We are more important than the birds of the air, the flowers in the field and He will take care of us. 

Trust that your activities are in agreement with following Him. Don’t worry about the optics. Learn to follow what God is saying to do next. Sometimes Jesus withdrew to the mountains to be alone and sometimes He was at the lake. God supplied the ministry opportunities as Jesus followed His father to the next place.

Focus on being where God wants you next and He will bring the crowds, provision, wisdom, growth, effectiveness, or whatever is needed or lacking for Him to fulfill that which is pleasing in His sight in your life. 

In the story of Ruth, Naomi returned home to Bethlehem, because she heard there was bread again.  May God allow His “manna” to be at the core of all you do.  The people went to the lake because the bread of life was there. There are hungry people looking for the bread of life and many thirsty people looking for the true living water which is Jesus.  Wherever God has you planted,  offer Jesus. .He is the bread that satisfies for eternity.

I chose a Monday night bible study with no glamor or medals to show for the decision. It created a bent toward pursuing God for the rest of my life. May you learn to “be” where God is leading.

Blessings Love y’all