Just then Saul was returning from the fields, behind his oxen, and he asked, “What is wrong with everyone? Why are they weeping?” Then they repeated to him what the men of Jabesh had said. 6 When Saul heard their words, the Spirit of God came powerfully upon him, and he burned with anger.  1 Samuel 1:5-6

After watching the news last night, we prayed. The plight of the Americans and the Afgan nationals who helped the US are in a desperate situation. We prayed for the Christians, the women and the vulnerable. 

Then I prayed the following, “God you have created some people to act and others to assist. Will you give those who have the power and ability to rescue to move. Will you reveal and uncover a strategy that has not even been revealed to help those who are being persecuted. In Jesus name, Amen”.

King Saul heard that the Ammonites were going to gouge out one eye of the inhabitants of Jabesh as a sign of their becoming servants.  The Spirit came upon Saul and he became angry. When was the last time that you became angry after hearing about an injustice?  God’s Spirit is never neutral about injustice.  Jesus came to set the prisoners free, heal the broken hearted and proclaim the favorable year of the Lord.  The Holy Spirit guided Jesus to help people at the very core of their problems, this led him to ultimately die for their salvation.

Just to be clear, I am NOT suggesting that you let your anger from God lead you to physically hurt or kill someone.  However there are at least 3 helpful ideas within this text which can help.

1.       God speaks to us during the mundane activities of your life.  Saul was returning from working in the field when he heard about the plight of his kinsmen.  It was not after worship at the temple or an all night prayer meeting or just after he prophesied with the prophets.  He was on his way home from work.  Maybe your daily car ride home from work could become a sanctuary for an encounter with God.

2.      Be aware of the needs of people around you.  Saul asked, “why is everyone weeping”? God’s Spirit came upon Saul AFTER he became sensitive to their needs.  Sometimes people don’t listen to the news, because they say…”it’s only bad news”.  True that news should not be the only diet of information that you listen to….but don’t close your ear to the plight of those struggling.   This does not mean that every bad thing that you hear needs to be your focus.  But not responding, causes a hardening of your heart to the moving of the Spirit in your life.What kind of news could you possibly respond to?  Education of children, plight of family issues like divorce, foster children, or tragedy and so many more. More than once God indicted a nation because they turned their backs on the needs of the widows and orphans

3.      Righteous anger from God IS the motivation to get off your butts and engage in the injustice of people.  Later your grandkids will ask….”what did you do while your country was aborting all of those babies? When America was becoming less Christian (numerically), what did you do?  How did you respond during the racial crisis?  Were you involved in sacrificial prayer events for the plight of the nation?  Did you ever share the gospel message with someone who was lost?  Did you really think people are so lost that  they will spend eternity in hell because they never accepted the good news of Jesus as the only way of salvation to God?” How will you answer those questions?

We NEED the Holy Spirit to move upon our lives.  We need to give Him permission to stir up our thoughts to righteous activity.  We need the full flow of living water running its course in and through our lives to those in need.

What will you do…now that you have heard the plight of your neighbor?

Blessings Love y’all