th (2)Show me your ways, Lord,  teach me your paths. Psalm 25:4 NIV

Those who seek Me find Me, for I do not play hide and seek when it comes to helping you, My child. Yet, I understand that for the present you are still looking through a blurry mirror image of Me. One day soon we will see face to face.

Once you were lost, blind and hopeless which overshadowed every thought about Me, who I am and My love for you. I heard your frustration when you said, “if God is real, why do I feel so alone? Why will he not make Himself visible?”

To guide the lost, I recorded the way back home to Me in my Word that you call the Bible. I have established guides to teach these words to you. I let the nation of Israel stand as an example of the blessings when choosing to following my commands and the consequences of going your own way. My ways always lead to light and life.

For the blind, I provided My Spirit to lead and guide you. He describes My Son Jesus with such clarity. It is a if He comes to life in full color within your spirit. One man who received physical sight and spiritual revelation at the same time through the healing of My Son. Also My Sprit transforms your heart into a purity that enables you to see Me.

For the hopeless, I want you to know that My Son endured life’s troubles of pain and betrayal. There is a hope beyond this life. I am constantly leading and pointing you toward Myself. I have a banquet awaiting the time of our reunion. I have been preparing a home for you in my neighborhood. I will walk with you now and all the way to the finish line.

The wind currents may look random, but I know where they come from and where they are going. I will direct you to be in the best positions to let those wind currents guide you into green pastures and refreshing waters.

Most importantly, I am talking to you. Although it may only sound like a whisper, it is my voice. I am here to show you My ways.b,

Whispers from your Father, God.