work togetherA man who isolates himself seeks his own desire; He rages against all wise judgment. Proverbs 18:1NKJV

While re-roofing a house, I hired a couple of day labor guys to help. I went to move some boards which were light enough to be moved by one person. One man went and picked up the other end of the board so that he could help. We added a couple of more boards to what we were carrying. While we were walking he says to me, “you are not used to working with other people.”  

In one sense he was wrong. I hired him to help me do the work. I know the value of many hands make a load light. Business owners have the struggle to determine how many hands help, and how many hands make you lose profitability. There is wisdom needed to know the right amount of people to complete your projects. The character and skill of your workers also weighs in to determine the quantity of people that you need to employ. 

Why do people isolate and resist help?

  • Lower skills – If a certain measure of competency to complete a task is not already obtained, a person may stand to the side.  They don’t want to look foolish, embarrassed or risk exposer that they don’t know how to do something.
    • Make sure that your employees have been adequately trained
    • Make sure the expectations of quality work and quantity output are clearly explained.
  • A quiet personality – For some it is hard to work with lots of commotion. They are unable to keep their thoughts flowing together with all of the noise of talking from others. 
    • Connect them to the whole picture. This person needs to see how their work influences the whole project. Perhaps they work on payroll. They are intricately connected to the workers on payday.
    • Working alone is okay for productivity. Just maintain a heart to work together
  • Stubbornness – They guy that wants to prove how strong he is by picking up a big log by himself. Yes, he can pick up one…but he will need help to finish the task of working at that pace all day long.
    • If you have lots of excuses for not allowing others to help…you may be exhibiting stubbornness.
    • Ask the Lord to reveal the root of stubbornness in your life. Did people fail to help you when you were younger?
  • Pride – This person secretly believes that no one else can do the job as good as they can accomplish it. 
    • Few people like to work with someone who is full of pride.
    • Learn to be grateful and appreciate all the contributions that others make.
    • Ask God to teach servanthood and humility as the primary character quality at your work
    • Would others say you are full of pride.

The Hebrew word for sound judgement can also mean abiding success. In that context, to reject help from others will limit the amount of success that you can have in life. There will be a limit or lid to the amount that you can accomplish. 

Find your rhythm of working with others. Don’t isolate yourself when there are others willing to help.

Blessings  Love y’all