images (2)With long life I will satisfy him and show him salvation. Psalms 91:16 NIV

Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalyn, just surpassed George H W Bush and Barbara as the longest married couple. Twenty six thousand, seven hundred sixty six days of marriage or 73 years of life together as a couple. One of the slogans that he used in the 1976 candidacy was “Born Again” to reflect his life experiences as a Christian in the south. After his presidency, he has taught Sunday School at his church in Americus GA almost every week. He has also engaged in the formation and growth of Habitat for Humanity in which thousands of families have benefited from new homes. His life exemplifies the blessings that accompany this promise in Psalm 91.

As we conclude our  Psalms 91 devotionary, we end with God’s promises for those who choose to make the Lord God their place of refuge. King David is encouraging others to hide underneath God’s protection. Then he pens God’s response for those who make God their refuge. Long life, but more than that. God promises a life full of satisfaction. 

What is your benchmark for life satisfaction? 

We have many choices to navigate life. Vocation, education, marriage and your entertainment all reflect your investment of time and money over time. Any standard that doesn’t flow toward the path of gratefulness, will eventually get stuck in the mire of bitterness and disillusionment.   Investment in the eternal of people and the word of God always has its rewards. Lifelong open and free relationships with family and friends can’t be traded away for any amount of money. Serving others falls into the more blessed to give than receive category. 

The rat race of having more things will never satisfy. Loving things and using people ends by relating to objects that can’t return love and people who have no feelings. 

May God bless you with long life, good health, intimate relationships, and few stressful obstacles. May you have the wisdom to invest your energies and time in the people and things that give you maximum eternal satisfaction.

Blessings Love y’all