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At the highest point along the way, where the paths meet, she takes her stand; beside the gate leading into the city,  at the entrance, she (Wisdom) cries aloud: Proverbs 8:2-3 NIV

When we learned the importance and privilege of speaking words of life (blessings) over our children, Pam began a little ritual with our children. She would ask them, “What would you like for me to bless you with”? Our son Jonathan almost always included wisdom as one of his choices. Pam would simply say, “Jonathan, I bless you with wisdom from God to lead and guide you all the days of your life.” 

Wisdom is portrayed in two major ways – prominent visibility and vocal nearness.The first expression is a general wisdom that all can have. The second is a learned wisdom from listening to others.

Notice how the general wisdom is portrayed in a place of prominent visibility. The highest point on the way would be seen from a long distance and from many angles. This would be like a street lamp giving light to a large area below. It should be recognized by all – “don’t stare at the sun”, “don’t leave your hand in the fire”. 

Where the paths meet is an expression of a place in which all will cross at some point. Reflection comes at the major crossroads in our lives. The magnificent design of creation (like the conception, growth and birth of a baby) should point to the existence of a Creator. 

Specific wisdom is gained through listening to others as they represent a vocal nearness to us. We learn from others.

There is wisdom to be learned through education and life experiences. The gates of the city were known as the place where commerce, current events and changes in culture were discussed. Not everything shared in that place is true wisdom, but it is the place where the exchange of ideas helps develop wisdom for your life.

Solomon ends his intro by using the image of someone standing in the doorway calling out. This expression is consistent with his belief that wisdom starts in the home. Almost everything pertaining to life begins at home. The foods you eat, the words you use, the clothes that you wear, the habits that you establish all have their origin in your upbringing. No parents are perfect, but wisdom begins by learning to obey them.

This “calling out” means that some wisdom is gained by someone telling you what they have learned. Solomon said that it is foolish to discredit someone without verifying it by two witnesses. We make mistakes when we trust only our own understanding. Give the person with a changed life an opportunity to be the other witness of truth. 

Wisdom is found in Jesus. He said that people who believe in Him will be born again into a new person. Listen to those you know who share about the changes that were made. Listening is a great place to start for wisdom.

Blessings Love y’all