Then I acknowledged my sin to you and did not cover up my iniquity.

I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the Lord.”

And you forgave  the guilt of my sin. Psalms 32:5 NIV


Come now let’s reason together about your sin. Let’s talk for a moment about My response and your reaction. Let Me share the motivation from My heart and My holiness that leads to your forgiveness.

I am and always will be holy and just at the very core of My being and all My interactions. Even My heart of compassion is influenced by the purity of My holiness. I will not overlook one infraction. All sin, including everyone that you commit is offensive to My holiness and deserves its full consequences. My Son, Jesus, understands the full weight of My wrath against sin as He died shamefully on the cross.

Though you may think your ways are hidden and your thoughts are private so that I cannot see, That is not true. This is what I notice when I see your sinful thoughts and actions. I created you whole and free of burdens. Every sin that you commit brings a weight to your spirit and mars you. It’s like a disease that is eating away your flesh. Evil and prideful thoughts destroy your thinking. Sin creates an awful smell in the spiritual realm similar to your understanding of the smell of rotting flesh. Like Me, it makes you want to throw up at its smell.  At all times, I see all of your sin.

Because I want you to be free, I prick you conscious. I whisper to you about the standards that you violate. I am trying to awaken your consciousness to your willful acts of disobedience. I want to help you see how your sin affects others and hurts you. The exposing of sin hurts, but My love for you wants to lead you into healing. Guilt and shame should lead you to Me and not force you to remain hidden from My presence.

When you acknowledge your sin before Me, when you confess your violations, when you decide to reveal your iniquity, we can finally move forward to your healing and forgiveness. There is no other path to experience My grace that doesn’t start on the first stones of brokenness before Me. A humble and contrite heart I will never turn away. 

And when you come, the sacrifice of My Son covers you entirely. His blood shouts that you are covered completely with forgiveness. I see no wickedness beyond His blood. As far as the east is from the west, your transgressions have been removed. Know that you are completely forgiven. No longer do you see the back side of My hand to punish you, but you will feel the warmth of My hug of embrace. 

You can’t earn this grace from Me by trying to make up for your mistakes. Your attempts at right actions are as filthy rags. However, when you acknowledge your wrong doing, you start on the path of forgiveness that is free and abundant. When you seek Me, I will be found by you.

Do not be afraid to confess. Healing and forgiveness awaits your transparency to acknowledge your wickedness. After you confess, listen as I whisper, “I forgive you!”

Whispers from Your Father, God