ThinkstockPhotos-76754256-e1559746775192Lord, do not rebuke me in your anger or discipline me in your wrath.

Your arrows have pierced me, and your hand has come down on me. Psalm 38:1-2 NIV

(?) My thoughts     (*) The Father’s Whisper

? – I know that I have sinned and expect you to discipline me as your child.

  • – it is true that I discipline My children, I will not overlook your willful disobedience no matter how many times you think you have it hidden or disguised it with self righteous excuses. I never discipline out of anger or wrath toward My children. My love is My motivation. My love is greater than what you experienced by your parents as a child.

? – I know that you love Me, I know I deserve discipline when I choose to follow my own sinful desires. I am having trouble with the amount of pain from the consequences of my actions. Sometimes, I feel as if it is too much and other times I feel that You should be more harsh. How do I know when the discipline has bent my will toward You?

  • – My Spirit never leaves you. Even when you are walking in the most loneliest path of remorse, He is there. He desires to redirect your thoughts towards what is true of Me. He will lead you to speak what is true in the darkest moments when the light of My promises seem so far away. These promises are paths leading back to the warmth and light of My love. When your will falls in line with My will, you are on the right path.

? – Father, I actually understand receiving the consequences of my actions. As I have said, sometimes I think there should be more. What is so hard for me, is the grace that you extend. I feel like I only deserve grace if I can work for it. I am even deceived at times to think that I can earn grace through my penance. Is grace tied to the depth of my repentance?

  • – Like My love, My grace flows from the very core of My being that was epitomized in the death of My Son on the cross. Listen again to His words to Me, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” These words extend into eternity and are ever before Me. My Son secured your forgiveness and the grace necessary for you at every moment of your life. You can’t earn your forgiveness or grace. Your brokenness and repentance are a platter for which I serve you the grace and strength to move forward.

? – God I receive your grace today. Help me shed the thoughts of my undeservedness. Help me move beyond and accept the consequences of my own undoing. Give me ears to hear your voice speaking over Me.

  • – You, yes you, are My child in whom I am well pleased. You have My hearts attention.

Whispers from Your Father God.