Then he got up, rebuked the wind, and told the sea, “Calm down! Be still!” Then the wind stopped blowing, and there was a great calm. Mark 4:39 ISV

Recently the same conversation arose with both my elementary and middle school students. They were aware of white vans that were driving or parked near the bus route. Both expressed fear of the vehicles with a rumor that people in white vans were kidnapping children. To be sure, there have been prominent cases in Alabama recently of a little child and a young lady who were kidnapped and murdered. We need to teach our children to be wise in every situation. But fear should never be the motivation.

In our story today, the disciples were in a boat with Jesus crossing the sea of Galilee. He was so physically exhausted that he was in a very deep sleep. The weather condition grew so intense the disciples, who were seasoned fishermen, became fearful for their lives. The finally woke Jesus up to ask for help. He addressed the weather to calm it down and their lack of faith.

Let’s take a moment to notice some background info in this verse and then make some applications to address fear.

Jesus rebuked the windepetimēsen. This word is a compound with the root meaning to honor or consider the weight or value of a thing. Together it means to rebuke, admonish, warn, or speak to a weighty matter so as to instruct it, to censure.

Told the sealegó. This word orginally meant to “lay down to rest”. The meaning here is to bring a message to closure. We may say “I am addressing you with the final word”

Calm downsiópaó. This means to be made silent, involuntarily to be made quiet, to become mute, forced to be calm, or made to hold one’s peace. We might say, “now listen, you have nothing more to say.

Be still phimoó. Literally “to muzzle” with the idea of no longer making a sound. To silence.

Jesus addressed the wind and the waves with the proper respect of their danger, but commanded them to stop their noise, activity and loudness and return to silence, be muzzled and calm.

Rumored fear or even the actual circumstance of fear can cause a paralyzing effect over our lives. Left unchecked, it can consume our thoughts and emotions. Just trying to reason to a person why they should not be afraid usually never helps. Your best arguments do little to dissuade their rising fear.

Speak to the issues causes the fear in faith to be silent and calm down. Stay within your sphere of influence, you don’t have to address all fears in the nation. Just address the issues surrounding your children, spouse, family or the city that you live within.

In our dilemma, here is what I have prayed. “Jesus, I speak to the fear of harm that wants to come to our children. I command the rumors of fear for the children on my bus to become silent. I ask that it not gain a foothold through constant retelling. I ask that you muzzle the rumor for our children. Then, I ask that peace would settle over their hearts and minds. I ask that those who are not believers would give their hearts to Jesus. May they  have peace with God as they know Jesus better, who is the Prince of Peace. I ask that you station angels around these children to protect them. I ask that you teach them how to pray strong words of faith to God who is ruler over all. In Jesus name, I ask these things.”

Speak to those things which are raging fear around you. Speak in faith that God is bigger than those problems. Align your life with God’s purposes and rest under His umbrella of protection.

Live under His Blessings, Love y’all