th (33)now that you have tasted that the Lord is good. 1 Peter 2:3 NIV

As I have written in several previous post, I have decided (finally) to address my health issues by changing my diet. There is the major subtraction of breads and sugars and the addition of some natural things typically added to a smoothie that I make (No multilevel marketing pitch – I am not in one.) For instance, as I write this morning devotion, I have started my day drinking a glass of water with Apple Cider Vinegar and some lemon juice. I did great leading up to Thanksgiving, then I again realized how hard it is to say no. The main temptation came after the big meal when there were so many leftovers. After the weekend, I “got back on the horse” and continued making the better choices. I am still moving in the right direction.

With that as the backdrop, today’s verse jumps out at me as I am becoming more aware of the taste and flavor of foods. Let’s break the verse down.

Now – greek ei – this word can be used as a command or an indirect question. Many of the translations use the word “if” and some “since”.

You have tasted – greek ˆ – this includes the actual process of eating but also more. It carries the idea of the experience such as enjoying the flavor of the moment

Goodness – Chrestos – this word means the expression of kindness. Another word trying to capture the essence of the meaning is serviceable. The “whole experience served to you” of kindness. Interesting the same word was also a proper noun during that time period used of a slave.

Of the Lord Kurios – meaning Lord, or master

Let’s put it together in Greg’s elaboration version

If, no let’s say since, you have enjoyed, tasted, experienced all the goodness, lovingkindness, overwhelming grace and forgiveness of Jesus your Lord and Master…

Knowing God’s goodness, how would you respond? What emotions come to your mind?Sometimes it is easy to forget how much we enjoyed God’s blessing of forgiveness of our sins.  Sometimes we forget how much we enjoyed the flavor of a meal…until we remember.

May you take the time to remember the kindness and goodness of the many blessings of our lord and savior

Blessings Love y’all